Preventive Dentistry – Buckhead, Atlanta

Keeping Your Teeth and Gums Healthy

Doctor Vason providing preventive dentistry in Buckhead Atlanta

The best way to handle tooth decay and gum disease is to prevent them from happening at all. While brushing and flossing naturally go a long way toward protecting your teeth and gums, you should still visit Dr. Vason and Dr. Grisham every six months for a dental checkup and teeth cleaning; they can catch oral health issues while they’re small and easy to treat. Reach out to Vason Family Dentistry today to schedule an appointment for preventive dentistry near Vinings Atlanta.

Why Choose Vason Family Dentistry for Preventive Dentistry?

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Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings

Doctor Vason giving a patient a dental exam

At each dental checkup, we will carefully examine your teeth and gums to see if there are any concerning symptoms. If we find any problems, we’ll explain what treatment options are available and create a plan to protect your oral health. Furthermore, we’ll also clean your teeth and gums to get rid of harmful plaque and tartar; even if you’ve been brushing regularly, there might still be a few areas where bacteria have accumulated.

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Gum Disease Treatment

Close up of a person smiling with some redness in their gums

Untreated gum disease can be dangerous for your smile and your overall health. Fortunately, we can help you address your symptoms and prevent further harm to your mouth. In many cases, we’ll perform scaling and root planing (also known as a deep cleaning) to remove the harmful plaque and tartar below the gumline while encouraging the gums to reattach to the teeth. Additionally, we might recommend antibiotic therapy with Hybenx or Arestin to fight the bacteria causing the infection.

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Oral Cancer Screenings

Close up of mouth with areas of redness between teeth

Nearly 54,000 Americans are told that they have oral cancer every year. The five-year survival rate for oral cancer is 57%, but you’ll have a much better chance for a positive prognosis if the disease is found in its early stages. At each preventive dental checkup, we will examine the different parts of your mouth to see if there are any abnormalities. Suspicious symptoms will be brought to your attention right away, and we will help you figure out what steps need to be taken if we find anything concerning.

Fluoride Treatments

Young woman receiving fluoride treatment from dentist

If your teeth are at an unusually high risk for decay, we might recommend a fluoride treatment at your next appointment. We’ll apply a special fluoride gel or varnish to your teeth to strengthen the enamel, giving it better protection against the bacteria that can cause cavities.  We may also prescribe a high fluoride toothpaste to help protect your teeth while you are sleeping, a vulnerable time for anyone with dry mouth. In some cases, we might recommend silver diamine fluoride (SDF) for our older patients. SDF combines the antibacterial properties of silver with the remineralizing properties of fluoride to stop cavities from forming, growing, or spreading.

Nightguards for Bruxism

Person holding a dental nightguard in their hand

Worn-down or damaged teeth might be a sign of bruxism, which is when you involuntarily grind and/or clench your teeth while you’re asleep. To prevent the damage from growing any worse, we can give you a nightguard that has been designed for your specific smile. It will stop the upper and lower arches of teeth from making direct contact with each other throughout the night, which means they’ll be protected if any grinding occurs.

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