Why You Shouldn’t Feel Embarrassed About Getting Dental Implants

June 3, 2023

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Your smile is perhaps your biggest asset when it comes to navigating social situations, and it’s certainly the first feature that people notice when they meet you. This means that if you have missing teeth, it’s always going to be in your best interest to replace them—not to mention, the issue puts your oral health at risk, too! This is where dental implants truly shine; however, some patients are apathetic to replace their missing teeth, or even embarrassed at the prospect of not having natural pearly whites. But when it comes to dental implants, there’s virtually no better option for tooth restoration! Here’s why.

Missing Teeth Poses Several Problems

Missing teeth can cause all sorts of issues, including severely diminished confidence and embarrassing issues when eating, speaking, laughing, and so on. But the primary issue with missing teeth is that it can cause a chain-like effect that triggers additional tooth loss.

When this happens, the teeth adjacent to the gaps will gradually lean inwards, eventually falling out themselves. What was once one or two missing teeth can become several lost pearly whites if the issue remains unaddressed for too long; not to mention, jawbone deterioration, facial collapse, and other embarrassing problems that also threaten your oral health are all possibilities.

Dental Implants Are Virtually Unmatched

Some tooth replacement options must be regularly adjusted, repaired, or even replaced entirely; for example, if you know someone with dentures, they probably clean them frequently or even have had them swapped out for new ones—which can sometimes be a hassle for patients. Not to mention, with these solutions and other things like bridges, patients often have to be pretty careful about what they eat; one wrong bite or ordering the wrong dish can lead to an embarrassing broken restoration or even a painful dental emergency.

With dental implants, you’re regaining all of the bite force that was lost due to missing teeth, not to mention, you’ll have two full rows of natural-looking teeth that are perfectly suited for all of your eating needs. The majority with missing teeth who are in good oral health are candidates for implants or can be provided with treatment options to reach that point, so don’t hesitate to contact your provider if you’re ready to unlock access to the ultimate form of tooth replacement!

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