Why Does My Dental Implant Feel Sensitive?

January 5, 2024

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You might have heard the term “sensitivity” in a dental context, referring to a quick zing or twinge of discomfort. The feeling can be a bit hard to explain if you’ve never experienced it before, but should be immediately recognizable to anyone who has.

Sensitivity can occur for many different reasons, some more concerning than others. If you have a dental implant, for example, you might be a little bit worried if you notice this feeling surrounding your false tooth. Here’s why you might experience this issue, and what you should do to handle it.

A Note About Nerves

Dental implant patients are often a little bit thrown when they experience sensitivity in a false tooth, as my sometimes happen. After all, dental implants don’t contain any nerve endings.

While we’re fairly good at detecting pain and pressure, we aren’t always as adept at identifying the exact position of where those feelings are coming from. The discomfort you’re experiencing is likely due not to anything happening in your dental implant, but around it.

Where Could This Feeling Be Coming From?

That said, there are two likely culprits if you’re trying to determine where the feeling you’re dealing with could actually be coming from. It could be that you have an issue in the surrounding teeth and gums, like a cavity that needs filling or gum disease to treat. The other potentiality is that there’s a problem with your implant site. It may be possible that bacteria have infected the bone or gum tissue around your implant, leading to pain.

What to Do Next

In either case, the best thing to do is to call a dentist. Depending on the severity of the condition you’re facing, you could get away with a simple filling or could need to have serious work done on the implant site itself. The only real way to know more is to talk to a professional who can evaluate your condition and develop a treatment plan capable of helping you.

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