Are You Having Trouble Removing Your Clear Aligners? Read This!

August 17, 2023

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Woman in bathroom using her fingers to remove her clear aligners

When your dentist takes off your aligners at your appointment, it seems easy. Then, you get home, and suddenly it seems like they are firmly bonded to your teeth! Don’t worry – this is very common for patients who are just starting their orthodontic treatment. To help, here are some tips on how to remove your clear aligners with ease.

Tip #1: Don’t Drink Anything Cold Directly Beforehand

Do you love sipping on ice-cold water throughout the day? It’s certainly a great way to stay hydrated! However, it can also cause your trays to feel more rigid, which is why you shouldn’t drink anything cold directly beforehand. Instead, have some lukewarm or room-temperature water. This will make your aligners more flexible without causing them to warp.

Tip #2: Use an Aligner Hook

Although you can use your finger to remove your trays, many patients find it significantly easier to use an aligner hook. This tool is compact and has (you guessed it) a small hook on the end that’s designed to fit easily between your trays and your teeth. Fortunately, purchasing one isn’t difficult either – they are sold online and in stores like Walmart!

Tip #3: Start From the Back of Your Mouth

When you put your aligners in, you align your trays with your front teeth before pushing them into place. When you remove your aligners, you do the opposite. Starting on one side, use your finger (or your aligner hook) to lift your trays from your molars. Then, slowly work your way forward.

Tip #4: Be Patient!

Difficulty removing your aligners can result in quite a bit of frustration. However, adding additional force or getting stressed won’t make taking them off any easier. If you need to, take a break or take a few breaths before starting again. Your aligners will come out, and the entire process will become easier the further you get into your orthodontic treatment.

Remember, the start of your orthodontic treatment will come with some adjustments, even when it comes to something as “simple” as getting the hang of removing your aligners. If you ever have any questions or need some recommendations or pointers, don’t hesitate to talk to your dental team!

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